How We Work

When you work with us you will see results. You will be updated on the status of your projects and know that progress is being made. You will receive clear reports and presentations that immediately show you the valuable insights found in your data. The information is conveyed clearly and concisely and will focus on how to improve your marketing. These improvements will help you improve your response rates, rentention rates, average purchase size, etc.. We have helped marketers improve marketing programs anywhere from 50% to  200%. We can help you improve your program.

Our approach is practical. The focus is on increasing marketing ROI, obtaining higher customer acquisition rates, obtaining better customer acquisition rates, and determining the best pricing, offers, and creative approaches for your marketing campaigns.  To accomplish these goals we use a number of data sources and analytical techniques. However, the important factor is helping you reach your goals. Other firms will try to impress you with discussions of “neural net algorithms”, “Chi-Squared Automatic Interaction Detection” (CHAID) algorithms, “Genetic Algorithms” or other statistical techniques. While these are all valid tools (and we can discuss them with you if you would like) we would rather keep the focus squarely on improving your marketing ROI.  We know that if we increase your response rate by 125% you do not care which statistical method we used.

We are dependable.  We pride ourselves in being on-time. We understand  the deadlines and pressures of executing marketing campaigns and work to support you.  You will receive straight answers for us when you ask how long it will take to complete a project - and then we will meet the timeline. We will not give you an unreasonable timeline just to tell you what you want to hear - and then miss the deadline.