Who We Work With

We work with marketing professionals from marketing departments, advertising agencies and marketing consultancies representing a wide variety of industries. The represented companies may be in either the business-to-consumer  or business-to-business markets. Their sales channels can be single (e.g., retail) or multiple (e.g. online, catalog, retail), and the companies either are or should be more data-focused.

You are likely to be successful with us if you know the power and value of data and analysis and want to use it to guide marketing decisions.  If you want to improve your response and retention rates and want to use data and analysis to do so, we can help you.   If you want to make sure that the money you invest in analysis is used on projects that will have a positive impact on your marketing ROI and not just be “interesting” projects that can not be used to improve your marketing programs, the we can help you. 

Our  clients want experts in the field to conduct the required work and want efforts to be directed on practical applications that will positively impact results. They have data readily available or might know that it is “out there somewhere” and potentially want help with both obtaining the data and the analysis.


Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

"We have all this data but we are not doing anything with it! What do I need to do to get things moving so I can take advantage of all the information in our data - so then I can finally make our customer acquisition and retention rates improve."

"How can I achieve the highest response rates and yet minimize both my testing and total costs? We have a solid customer base, but only have a limited budget for this campaign. We need to focus our efforts on our best past customers and the best prospects"

"Why can't an analytical person explain things in terms that make sense - and in a manner that relates to what we are actually doing in our marketing campaign? Don't these people understand our business? I don't care if 'the 'Chi-squared' value negated the null hyphothesis at a seven percent significance level' or whatever he just said. I don't even know what that means..."

"Why can't our data warehouse and I.T. people support us in the manner we need? I need some help  to support to get things done - so we can make better decisions about our campaigns"

"Who are the best prospects for this product?" Marketing this product to all of our customers would not make sense. Who are the prospects that are most likely to buy this product? Out of the one hundred sixty million households in the United States, wouldn't it be nice to know the best two hundred thousand that will buy our product? Who are those people and how do I find them?

"I don't really care about the software, the technology, or the statistics. I just want the results so I can improve my marketing campaigns!

If you have said or thought any of the above... you are not alone and we are the right group to help you! Please examine our website to learn more about how we can help you.