Customer Acquisition

Teasley offers analytical and data services geared towards acquiring customers for your company. From helping you define exactly whom you want to target through the actual execution and measurement of the program, we will help you acquire more customers.

Problem: Our “Customer Acquisition Program” clients need to achieve higher customer acquisition rates, increase the number of customers they have, or keep acquisition rates the same but at a lower cost. In addition, they sometimes want to focus specifically on acquiring more “High Value” customers.

Solution: The solution is to analyze available data to determine the combination of factors that identify who are your best customers and the characteristics that determine your best prospects. This determines your best target market and most likely candidates for acquisition. This information can be used in the development of direct marketing lists (mail, email, telemarketing) and/or can be used to assist media buyers when they are selecting media (print, radio, television).

Steps: The exact steps taken depend on what data is available for your situation. Once the data is assessed, a combination of analysis, predictive modeling, surveys and/or other analytical techniques is conducted.