Data-Driven Improvements Since 1989

Master's Degree in Statistics (Iowa State University)

Phi Beta Kappa Scholar

Awarded U.S. Patent # 2008/0114536

I became interested in this vocation back in my undergraduate days. I was studying mathematics and was exposed to how the Toyota company was using carefully designed analytical studies to improve their cars.  This "real-world" practical application of some of the theories I had been studying really captured my attention.  I decided to continue learning about "practical" mathematical tools and earned an M.S. degree in Applied Statistics.

After graduate school I first worked on engineering problems - helping to improve things including the stealth fighter, semiconductors, golf clubs and bicycles.

Then I realized the enginering analytical skills could be used to improve marketing campaigns.  I spent a few years working at a large advertising agency working on projects for top Fortune 100 companies. Some of the concepts I suggested using were initially met with many skeptical questions, since they were new approaches - but the concepts are now regularly applied to large campaigns at those companies.

My approach is always practical. Back in Graduate school I taught my first "Business Statistics" class. At that time I spent a lot of time developing a methodology for teaching statistics to people who might not "like" math - or who were going to be bored to tears sitting in a classroom for hours every week unless the topic was interesting and applicable to them. The result is an approach to "business statistics" that is focused on practical, real-world applications and simple explanations of supposedly "difficult" topics.  That, of course, is the approach I bring to working with all of my clients.  I have found numerous times that large theoretical discussions about statistical theory can sometimes be sidestepped by asking the right practical questions about a campaign. 

Learning, teaching, and applying what I have learned are all important to me. I  taught "Business Statistics" and "Decision Sciences" as part of an MBA program and been a guest lecturer at American University in Washington DC as part of an ecommerce program. I am a former adjunct faculty member of New York University (NYU). I have spoken at Direct Marketing Association (DMA) conferences as well as an international conference on semiconductors.  I enjoy sharing knowledge and usually end up learning something myself in the process.