Customer Retention

We have services to help you keep your customers.  We will help you identify which of your customers are most likely to quit doing business with you and help you identify the issues that are causing them to leave. From the upfront research and analysis through the execution and measurement of retention campaigns, we will help you reduce your customer attrition rates.

Problem: Keeping customers is an important and difficult issue. Our Customer Retention Program clients are losing customers at an unsatisfactory rate.  Competitors are luring away their customers, enticing them with offers that are sometimes only simple “introductory” offers.

Solution: Identify the customers that are most likely to leave and understand the key factors that are causing them to take their business elsewhere. Use this information to conduct campaigns tailored to increase customer retention or to modify your products/services.

Steps: First it is important to determine exactly what are your objectives. You must determine which customers you want to retain and which you do not – if there are any of that type. It might be helpful to conduct a profitability analysis to understand which what type of customers are positively impacting your bottom line, and which are causing you to lose money.  There are some customers that you might not want to have retained!

After your precise objectives are determined Teasley will examine your available data to determine the extent of the retention-focused analysis to be conducted. The analysis results in a clear, concise report – focused on helping you reach your retention objectives. The report could detail the identified target(s) that are most likely to quit being your customers – and provide explicit instructions on how to focus on these targets. Another possibility is that the report will show you exactly what characteristics of your product or service are driving your customer’s loyalty – and what elements of your product or service might be missing.

In addition to the analysis and strategy deliverables, Teasley can  select the names from your customer files that are most likely to leave you and deliver the lists to the appropriate vendors for your retention marketing campaigns.