"Help Us Now!"

Our most popular offering is our "Help Us Now!" analysis service. Whether your data is from a survey, a campaign, a sales/data system, a house file, a web site or some other source, we can help you analyze and investigate it. We will extract the useful information from the data and construct a useable and informative format for you - a report, powerpoint presentation, graphics, or whatever you would like.

The Situation: Many clients come to us with an immediate and well-defined analytical need. Data has been acquired from a survey, marketing campaign, or other source – and there is a need for someone to analyze and report on the data.

Solution:  Have an analytical marketing expert analyze the data and deliver an insightful report to you.

Steps: These problems are easily solved with a discussion of the situation and the data, followed by a transfer of the data to Teasley. The appropriate analysis is conducted and the results delivered to you in an agreed upon format – usually Excel, Word, or Powerpoint documents.

Please call Brian at:  646.414.1100 if you are in need of immediate analytical or data assistance