Brian Teasley works with marketing managers, advertising agencies, and marketing consultants in the United States and around the world. Many marketers want to increase their customer acquisition rates, customer retention rates and decrease their marketing cost, but have not been able to use data and analysis to the fullest extent possible. Marketers are tasked with increasing customer acquisition rates and revenues and decreasing customer acquisition costs, but for a variety of reasons have not been able to leverage data to improve their programs. Their I.T. departments may not be delivering them the data they need. Their analytic support is stretched thin. They do not have a solid campaign reporting system. The good news is that proper use of data and analysis can dramatically increase response rates and optimize your marketing ROI. Campaign results can improve from 30% to 200%. Costs can come down. You can extract information from data that will help you improve both your data base marketing and your "regular" marketing.

Since 1989 Brian Teasley has been helping companies use data and analysis to improve their products, customer acquisition rates, customer retention rates and increase their marketing ROI. Brian has helped uncover opportunities for savings of millions of dollars and increased the revenues brought in from millions of customers. Teasley helps you through consulting, data management and analysis, development of reports and reporting systems, survey development and analysis, and development of marketing recommendations and marketing strategies.